When you buy a storage shed, most of the time they will not come with a ramp.  It is going to be hard to get that lawn mower into your storage shed without one.  You would think these would come standard with the shed.

Well instead of lifting your heavy objects, why not just build your own ramps.  I found these two videos that show you step by step how to build a sturdy easy to build shed ramp.   The  only thing I might have done different than these guys would be to use treated wood on the ramp.  They left a comment at the end of the video stating they put roofing shingles on the ramp.  I am not sure how well that would work.  If I had to build a ramp for my storage shed, these guys would be great help.  They look like they are really enjoying what they are doing and do a great job.  Check out the videos if you are looking to build a ramp for your storage shed.

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