You can build a complete dog house with one single piece of plywood, one 2×2 for supports and a four 2×4′s for the base. This house is for a small to medium sized dog. It is very easy to build and saves you a lot of money.
You start by measuring out the sides, floor and roof. These are then cut out, be careful when cutting plywood so you don’t splinter the plywood. Make sure you have a sharp blade and let the blade do the work. When cutting out the doorway a jigsaw is very handy to have.

Once you have all the pieces cut out, you need to sand down the edges. Especially the sides that may come in contact with your dog, we don’t want him to get any splinters. The base needs to be assembled first, this is where you will use the 2×4′s. Make sure the 2×4′s are treated as they will be on the ground and this will keep them from rotting. You then use the 2×2′s as supports to build your sides. Once that is done, just attach the back and front panels. The roof is the final piece to the puzzle. Once the roof is installed the dog house is done. You will probably want to shingle the roof to make it last longer and help keep the elements out. Painting the house is a simple and nice touch to make your dog house fit in with rest of your outdoor decor. You can build the complete dog house for around 100 dollars, and give your dog a nice cool spot in the summer and warm place to stay in the winter. That is a quick overview of what you will need to do, the video with James Young goes into every detail and is a great tutorial.

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