The type of underground greenhouse that is designed for any type of weather or climatic conditions is called the Walipini underground greenhouse. They are built 6-8 foot underground and provide a warm, well lit area to grow vegetables year round. It is a rectangular hole dug in the ground covered with plastic sheeting. You build the wall up in the back and down in front to create an angle needed for the plastic sheet roof to be aimed at the sun.
Digging into the ground will build up heat, the Earth’s center is a core of molten lava. If you dig down four feet the temperature stays at 50-60 degrees F. This is below the frost line,so digging down six to eight feet and adding the free energy of the sun will keep your underground greenhouse warm. There are many other things to take into consideration such as ventilation and water irrigation. This video is very informative and would answer peoples questions of having fresh vegies year round.

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